My experience in the rebirthing session with Edward goes beyond words. In fact it’s beyond the logical thinking of the mind, diving into the depths of the soul, uncovering the truth of what this journey is all about.

It was my first time doing rebirthing and had no idea how intense it would be. During my session deep emotions were released from both present and past lives. Insight was gained on what the purpose of this life was and even had visions of past deaths and the day I was born in this life.

I remember clearly having a vision of my father holding me as a newborn, crying tears of joy. The loving kindness I felt from him during our session was beyond anything I’ve ever felt. My session reminded me I am not alone, there are so many guiding the way. I learned not to fear death for we never really do die. Lastly, to move forward on this path sharing that loving kindness I felt with the world, for it is that energy that unites us all in this beautiful dream, called life.

Alessandro Granito