I did a breathwork session for a friend’s Tantra training, this is what one of the participants had to say about it:

“A lot of people come to tantra believing that it will give them techniques and tools to make love to another person, then they are either terrified or exhilarated to find out that tantra gives them techniques and tools to make love to life”

I had a profound and the most intense experience of my life today that can’t be put into words but I now understand what it means to make love to life and to existence. And there was no physical contact with another human being.
It is not possible to understand it with the mind, it has to be experienced. And everyone should.
Day 8 of the month long Tribal Tantra training, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Lenerd Louw    9th March 2016


Lenerd Louw

My experience in the rebirthing session with Edward goes beyond words. In fact it’s beyond the logical thinking of the mind, diving into the depths of the soul, uncovering the truth of what this journey is all about.

It was my first time doing rebirthing and had no idea how intense it would be. During my session deep emotions were released from both present and past lives. Insight was gained on what the purpose of this life was and even had visions of past deaths and the day I was born in this life.

I remember clearly having a vision of my father holding me as a newborn, crying tears of joy. The loving kindness I felt from him during our session was beyond anything I’ve ever felt. My session reminded me I am not alone, there are so many guiding the way. I learned not to fear death for we never really do die. Lastly, to move forward on this path sharing that loving kindness I felt with the world, for it is that energy that unites us all in this beautiful dream, called life.

Alessandro Granito

Thank you so much Edward. I participated in your rebirthing group sessions. The first session was nice, quite some emotions were coming up. Thanks to your gentle attention I would not get entangeld, but could watch and release them. Only one subtle emotion stayed with me. I could feel it somehow but not really grasp it. This was quite an exciting experience. The following rebirthing session I dedicated to my heart. First I went through a tough and eventually wonderful journey, far beyond words. I opened up fully, my body felt energized while I was completely relaxed and filled with love.
Of course every session is different, also dependig on the group energy of that day. I am very grateful for this opportunity you are offering, Edward. It is always amazing!

Anja, Germany

“The rebirthing session I did with Edward was an amazing experience. The breathing technique worked very powerfully and helped me to release a lot of tension I was holding in my body. The whole process was a profound inner journey and gave me insights in things I was struggling with in my life. Afterwards I felt deeply connected with myself. I was super relaxed and energized at the same time. This effect lasted also days after the session. I felt renewed energy to take some steps I was postponing for some time and my body felt recharged. Edward has a very calming presence and his patience and loving awareness made me able to go deep in the session and to open myself fully for what needed to be released. I am very grateful for this. Thank you!”
Lonnie Van Son, NL

Lonnie Van Son, NL

Rebirthing ~ Edward creates an amazing experience in his rebirthing sessions. Well explained. Full power! Love it!

Johannes Halonen