Group Rebirthing


Group Rebirthing Breathwork with Edward

Every Tuesday from 11am ~ 1.30pm

At Shakti Yoga Centre

Rebirthing Breathwork Groups:

This started the first Rebirthing Group in Koh Phangan, in September 2014, and I have been facilitating Rebirthing 1 on 1 sessions for around 8 years.

Please arrive on time. The whole session will take about two and half hours, and will start with a 30 minute introduction talk(which is free, anyone can attend).  Rebirthing should always be 1 hour for the breathing part and I like to allow 30 mins dropping into stillness(integration stage), and time at the end to feed back and share if one feels to.

Please bring a sarong, & water.  And a willingness to be open to what ever may happen or arise, this is a powerful transformative process.  Be sure to have a good night’s sleep the night before.  To find out more see my Rebirthing page.

RB-Orion3Often the collective energy of a group Rebirthing Session can make it more powerful then an individual session.  When you hear someone going through a powerful process can give you permission to go there too.  And often the intensity of the group energy can assist in any release that may happen.

A maximum of 12 people.RB-Orion2

 The Price for a group session is 400 Baht.

For Thai Nationals(with ID card) is 300bt

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