3 Day Retreat 28th~30th Jan

During this powerfully transformative 3-day intensive, in the morning you will be guided on a journey using various exercises, guided sessions and teachings to bring awareness to your:

✨Inner Patterns  &  Self-talk

✨Healing Relationships 

✨Inner critic

✨Self-sabotage programming

✨How we hold ourselves back from reaching our full potential

We will then in the afternoon use the powerful Rebirthing Breathwork Process to help release all the negative programming that has been exposed.

We will also explore what new programming and positive beliefs you would like to bring in to uplift your life.

All of us have ‘Self-Talk’ but for many of us this self-talk can become destructive, so we have combined these 2 different powerful modalities to bring about a profound change in our mindset and the functioning of our self-talk, thereby changing our critical and self-sabotaging patterns. 

The retreat will give you tools to take away with you for when issues come up in the future.

This retreat is for: Facilitators, Coaches, Professionals, those who no longer want to be held back by the limitations created by their own mind.  Those who wish to be free to reach their full potential.

Unlike most, this retreat will be limited to 12 people only, to give a more focused, intimate and powerful experience.

This Retreat will focus on (70%), practical exercises, experience and action, but will include essential teachings and understanding (30%).

Both Edward and Shubho have had many years’ experience holding safe space to allow participants to go deep into exploration, truth & vulnerability.